Produce Storage Guide

Your guide to non-mushy produce & reducing food waste

Looking to stop wasting money on food you don't even eat?

Grab this quick & easy Produce Storage Guide to give you all the info on...

  • Storing your produce properly
  • Freezing your produce (even things like lettuce and avocados)
  • Tips to use up your fruits & veggies before they have a chance to get gross and mushy in the back of the fridge.



How to Store Produce

Contrary to what you might think, not all produce should be stored in the same way. Some should be kept on the counter, some should be kept in the fridge, some in the pantry, and some in the fridge drawer.

Learn which produce items go in each category in the handy cheat-sheet.

How to Freeze Produce

You probably already know how to freeze SOME produce. But the list of freezable fruits and vegetables is likely MUCH longer than you realize.

By knowing how to freeze different produce items (there's a specific method for each item) you'll be able to preserve your produce for longer when life happens and you don't get around to using it like you thought you would.

How to Use Up Produce

So...what do you do now when you see that head of lettuce in the fridge starting to look a

With this Produce Storage Guide in hand, you'll be able to have a long list of ways to use it up BEFORE it gets to that "mushy...ewww what WAS that" state.

Reduce Food Waste

Did you know the average family wastes 250 lbs of food every year?

Did you know you're throwing away your hard earned cash every time you throw that mushy produce away? You could have up to $2,000 extra dollars in your bank account right now if you DIDN'T throw your food away.

Use these tips to make your wallet happy, and reduce food waste while you're at it!

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