GF + DF + Paleo Cheat Sheets

Tired of asking "Is this Paleo?" or "Is this gluten free?"

Grab these cheat sheets today so you NEVER have to spend time asking Google if the food you're about to buy (or eat) works with your diet.

Print them out and stick 'em in your purse. Say goodbye to panic-googling in the middle of the grocery store...



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What These Printables Have To Offer

"YES" Foods Cheat Sheets

Whether you're starting a Paleo, Dairy Free, or Gluten Free diet (or some combination of the three), if you're going to stick with it for the long haul, it's essential that you feel like you have PLENTY to eat.

That feeling of looking in the full cupboard and having "nothing to eat" is not a fun one, and can lead you towards giving up faster than anything else.

Hang these cheat sheets on your fridge, or on the inside of your cupboard and remember you have SO much you can eat, even if you're on a restrictive diet.

Hidden Sources of Gluten & Dairy

If you've been on a gluten free or dairy free diet for any amount of time, you know that it's not always obvious (and often isn't) when there's gluten or dairy in one of the ingredients in your food.

I recommend printing these out and carrying them in your wallet or purse so that when you go to the store and are looking at the ingredient lists, you have a handy resource to tell you if any ingredients contain gluten or dairy. That's WAY more convenient than Googling on your phone!

About Me

I’m the wife of a loving husband, a mom to two sweet little girls, and a Jesus follower. 

I love cooking (and eating) delicious food….especially if there’s chocolate involved. When I’m not cooking you can find me outside on our mini farm or chasing my giggling girls around the house. 

When it comes to elimination diets, I've been through quite a few of them...gluten free, dairy free, Paleo, AIP. You name it, I've probably done it. All in an effort to heal my body.

And I know how overwhelming it can be to start a restrictive diet, feeling like you have nothing to eat.

I want to help YOU fight the overwhelm and focus on the YES foods to get you the results you want!

-Megan Barrett


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When do I get my cheat sheets?

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